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One of the most frustrating things when you’re starting out as a graphic designer – besides overly-enthusiastic clients dropping phrases like “MAKE IT POP?” or “ CAN WE MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER”, kill me now – is apparel design.

Not the designs themselves, those are actually always super fun to make, even though your relatively limited by the size and number of machine heads your silk-screener’s press has…

No, the most frustrating part is accurately representing in a digital framework what the actual, real world, end product will look like in your client’s hands.

When getting started on a t-shirt design for example, you typically have no idea what shirt blank is that you’ll be using. If you do, then often you wont be able to get a nice high quality image of that blank, leaving you to mock-up your bad ass designs on some low rez nonsense image your sales rep sent you last minute. Fuckin sales reps.

Anyway, to that end, we put together a number of vector apparel mock-up templates that you can use as placeholders in your design file, until the actual shirt style and colors, are chosen.

In this file there are a wide range of apparel pieces from basic tees to hoodies, to flip flips for those bodacious spring break mock-ups.

You’ve also got male, female and unisex style options in there, which serve as super helpful guides to use in the design process itself. There’s no point creating some bad-ass design that only fits on a men’s XL and then you gotta pay for an additional set of screens for smaller woman’s sizes. It also sucks to size a deign on a small shirt, just to have it look minuscule on a 2XL.

We’ve made an additional effort to accommodate for sizing ratios on another product you can download for free HERE.

We hope you find this useful. Please email us at with any questions or if you would like to team up for your next design project.

Thanks and have fun.