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Helps real estate agents develop a unique “come list me” distinction with home sellers. They create radio, TV, and digital marketing strategies that give their clients an unfair advantage over the competition.



Radio TV Agents LLC helps real estate investors create a ‘trusted’ buyer relationship with, and a steady flow of inbound leads from motivated home sellers. For real estate agents we create a “Come List Me” relationship with buyers and sellers, by leveraging the influence of respected radio and television personalities along with creative ads that layer humor, empathy, competence, and likeability into the agent’s brand. RTVA’s services are fee-based, meaning the agent or investor is not charged media commissions, and has the freedom to be invoiced directly by our media partners.




Our task was to help the RTVA company get a new professional look and feel for their website considering their new SEO goals. We worked closely with the client team on a new strategy and brainstormed ideas on how to communicate the new content clearly and straight to the point. Having a strong brand as well as creating a high-quality website with an emphasis on a detailed description of the product’s functionality were key goals for us.

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New site with an emphasis on accessible and user-friendly product information for the customer

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A brand new website, successfully launched

After a couple of months of hard work and generating creative ideas we successfully launched the Opennode website. While working on the website, we were able to implement the requirements of the Opennode team and support them with our own ideas and vision. All of that helped to get the expected result. Right after the launch, the traffic to the website had already been steadily increasing, with more pages per visit, and more time spent on the page. Our client started getting more valuable leads than ever before.