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The CERUS Fitness project was launched in 2017, based on the idea that for fitness to translate into lasting results, it must be part of an everyday lifestyle.



The Cerus Fitness project was launched in 2017, based on the idea that for fitness to translate into lasting results, it must be part of an everyday lifestyle.

For a healthy and fit lifestyle to be sustainable, fitness needs to be more than workouts—it needs to bring together community and be accessible to all. It needs to provide a forum to test yourself and an opportunity to learn from your strengths and weaknesses athletically so you always have your next goal to strive for.




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We work to find elevated creative ideas to communicate the heart of products and/or services. The Design Exploration phase is the starting point. We brainstorm what we want to convey on a website and the best medium for communicating those ideas.


This is where the magic begins. In the brainstorming phase, we utilize various creative methods to introduce fresh, inventive ideas that grab the user’s attention and emphasize a product’s highlights. This is where our creative team works together to brainstorm the strongest project direction.


We create a moodboard and assess “who” and “what” the brand is, what we want to tell users about a product, and how we want them to think regarding the brand.


We love to lead with a general look and feel for a website. With this in mind, we create 1 or 2 options for the main website blocks. We discuss these ideas with the team and stakeholders, test it with potential users, decide which option is most optimal for our users and objectives, and then formulate the best way forward.


We believe in testing our initial ideas before executing therefore, we often test UI concepts with potential users. One of the tests we use is the “5 second test”, which shows whether we can grab a user’s attention in the first 5 seconds and determine how clearly the product or services are being communicated.

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New site with an emphasis on accessible and user-friendly product information for the customer

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A brand new website, successfully launched

After a couple of months of hard work and generating creative ideas we successfully launched the CERUS website. While working on the website, we were able to implement the requirements of the CERUS team and support them with our own ideas and vision. All of that helped to get the expected result. Right after the launch, the traffic to the website had already been steadily increasing, with more pages per visit, and more time spent on the page. Our client started getting more valuable leads than ever before.