We here at GNT Branding are serious about getting our brand out there and having our design skills taken seriously. 

So, to that end, we recently sent 200 college students, all jacked up on Adderall and hopes of a better tomorrow, to the Hollywood Hills sign with a single mission… To tear that bitch down and put our sign up instead. Now some of you might be thinking to yourselves, “Jash… this stunt is at best unlikely to drive traffic to your website, but rather it will end in criminal charges for you as well as all the poor tweaked out Millenials you coaxed into doing your dirty work. Additionally, there’s no way you don’t get sued left, right and center for defacing one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world!”

Well, fear not overly concerned reader. For this image is in fact not real! *HOLY SHIT they thought, the truth hitting them like a ton-a-bricks That’s right, it’s what’s known as a photomanipulation. Just one of the like 4 or 5 amazing design services available from the talented folks over at GNT Branding. Deck out your website in personalized graphics, pimp your rides(rides in this context, of course, referring to marketing collateral such as brochures, pamphlets, stuff like that. Not actual cars, obvs you guys), or have us design email and print advertisements for you or your clients. Literally, whatever you need we can create. Email us at and let us make all of your wishes come true!

Legal disclaimer: GNT Branding LLC was totes kidding about coercing college students into climbing the Hollywood Hills to remove the historic landmark sign, and then replace it with one that looked a lot like the original but was in actuality a marketing tool for the business. We don’t know any college students as we’re probably too old for that sort of thing these days and anyway and let’s face it, even though we’ve tried to keep in shape over the years, all the drinking and lower than recommended SPF coverage at the beach, would have us standing out at a dorm party like Donald Jr. at a Toni Morrison book signing.

End of ad.